A famous spiritual teacher came to the front door of the King’s palace. None of the guards tried to stop him as he entered and made his way to where the King himself was sitting on his throne. “What do you want?” asked the King, immediately recognizing the visitor.”I would like a place to sleep in this inn,” replied the teacher.

“But this is not an inn,” said the King, “It is my palace.”

“May I ask who owned this palace before you?”

“My father. He is dead.”

“And who owned it before him?”

“My grandfather. He too is dead.”

“And this place where people live for a short time and then move on, did I hear you say that it is not an inn?”

You are not the first technical writer in this company. You will not be the last. Many have come before you. Many will come after you. Your seat, this cubicle, these projects, your designation, everything is impermanent, transient.

Do not try to own the place just because you have been given a fancy title and the corner cabin. Remember, before you someone else occupied this same seat. Do your bit and leave. Today or tomorrow, you will have to.