The Great Crossing

The Buddha said: “A man beginning a long journey sees ahead a vast body of water. There is neither boat nor bridge. To escape the dangers of his present location, he constructs a raft of grass and branches.

When he reaches the other side he realizes how useful the raft was and wonders if he should hoist it on his back and carry it with him forever.

Now if he did this, would he be wise? Or, having crossed to safety, should he place the raft in a high dry location for someone else to use?

This is the way I have taught the Dharma, the doctrine – for crossing, not for keeping. Cast aside every proper state of mind, oh monks – much less wrong ones – and remember well to leave the raft behind!”

We technical writers discover several tricks, tips and methods during our professional lives. We have learnt so much from both our own experience and also our peers, mentors and other technical writers. Would it be proper to keep all this knowledge to ourselves?

Would it not be apt to share this knowledge with others so that they also benefit? Would it not be wise to leave this raft of knowledge for the future breed of technical writers so that they can also learn what you have learnt through your hard work and perseverance; spending the best days of your life?

So, whether it is a new method to manage bullets and numbering in Microsoft Word or a trick to view the print preview in FrameMaker, or a method to write shorter, more concise procedures, write it down. Share it. Blog it. Remember to leave it for others.